What to Wear: Style Guide for Summer

We all want to keep updating our wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. But when it comes to everyday casual wears, fashion runways are not always the best place to get an idea about what’s trending. Here street styles are the best to get an idea about what’s in and what’s not. However, these street styles are also inspired by the styles that are trending on ramps in fashion shows. Here we have rounded up some of the top trending street styles of this season for you to be a part of this trend.

One thing is for sure… blanks will always be trending especially when it comes to casual wears. We have seen everyone wearing them one way or another. And one of the styles that we see trending the most is wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with shorts. This beachy casual look is something you should have definitely.

Are you looking for a smart casual look?? Then there is no other better option than polo shirts. Polo shirts are definitely a closet staple for guys. The trend of polo shirts is for sure a classy and casual trend that would never end. So just get yourself a classy polo shirt, a decent pair of pants and you are good to go for smart casual look.

Chino pants are now a part of casual wear. They have become a part of street style now where people are experimenting with different kind of t-shirts and unique and eye catching colors. So don’t wait and just make this classy and stylish attire a part of your closet… and don’t forget to put on a belt that would bring out the whole look.

Another style that we see trending again is wearing blazers or coats over t-shirts. You can then go for either ripped jeans or any other kind of pants. Here you can opt for either decent or funky and lively colors to create that perfect casual and fashionable look that would draw attention. So these are just a few styles that captured our attention. You can further experiment with these and create your own new look.