Types of Wholesale Polo-Shirts You Can Wear and Take Advantage of

When you think of a polo shirt, you may only recall a pique polo that comes in short sleeve style. However, polo shirts come in many styles. Even blank or wholesale polo-shirts come in similar styles. Here are different types of polo shirts that you can purchase at wholesale prices from apparel wholesalers:

  • Short Sleeve Polo Shirts: The most prevalent style for polo shirts is a short sleeve style. Besides, short sleeve polo shirts come in many colors and patterns while also made of different materials. Additionally, the most common short sleeve polo shirt is a pique polo. Short sleeve polo shirts typically have finished hems and shorter torso lengths with a soft and unstructured collar. Usually, polo shirt users wear short sleeve polo shirts untucked which have a quarter-length placket with 1-4 buttons.
  • Pima Cotton Polo Shirts or Lightweight Polo shirts: Short sleeve polo shirts are also made of lightweight cotton, such as Pima cotton. Typically, people wear these polo shirts, identical to t-shirts. Lightweight polo shirts also feature cotton-poly blend and technical fabrics as their materials. Mostly, athletic and golf apparel brands produce lightweight polo shirts.
  • Pique Polo Shirts: Many polo shirts have pique fabric as their material. Besides, many wholesale polo shirt users have pique polos in their wardrobes. Pique polo shirts are durable with a bit of natural stretch.
  • Long Sleeve Polo Shirts: Long sleeve polo shirts have full-length sleeves, similar to sweaters or button-up shirts. At times, these polo shirts have unmatched details that differentiate them from short sleeve polo shirts. Their unique details may include button-down/structured collars and buttoning sleeve cuffs. Long sleeve polo shirts are relatively casual and more suitable for the winter and fall.   
  • Wool Polo Shirts: Wool polo shirts are a dressier variant of long sleeve polo shirts. These polo shirts look similar to Merino wool V-neck sweaters that you can wear layered or as they are. Wool polo shirts are highly comfortable to wear in the cooler months, yet they aren’t popular than pique wholesale polo-shirts.
  • Golf Polo Shirts: Golf polo shirts usually have short sleeves that allow golfers to easily move wearing them. Golf polo shirts are pretty much always made of performance fabrics with a plenty of built-in stretch. Golf polo shirts also have handy built-in attributes, such as moisture-wicking and temperature control.  
  • Rugby Polo Shirts: Rugby polo shirts are durable and feature heavy long sleeves with broad horizontal stripes in alternating colors. These polo shirts often have contrasting colors and cuffs; like red and blue stripes with white collars and cuffs.
  • Performance Polo Shirts: Performance polo shirts target the needs of golfers and tennis players. Specifically, these polo shirts are made of lightweight material to facilitate tennis players and golfers with ease of movement. As activewear polo shirts, these polo shirts have innovative moisture-wicking technology for sportspersons.
  • Organic Polo Shirts: Organic polo shirts are the pick of eco-friendly people that they choose for style or sports. Organic polo shirts are made of 100% organic or natural fabrics, such as cotton. These polo shirts are soft, durable, and cool at the same time besides being eco-friendly.
  • Silk Polo Shirts: These polo shirts are light, comfortable, and shiny; however, you won’t often find polo shirts made of 100% silk. Pure silk polo shirts lose color when they get hot or wet. Thus, you will usually find silk polo shirts as a blend of silk and other materials, like silk-cotton blend, linen-silk blend, etc.

Some of the reputable blank apparel brands you may consider while buying polo shirts at wholesale prices are as follows:

  • Gildan
  • IZOD
  • Sport-Tek
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Jerzees
  • UltraClub
  • Prim + Preux
  • Devon & Jones
  • A4
  • Port Authority


You may love to wear polo shirts or already own some in your wardrobe. Besides, there are many styles for polo shirts that polo shirt users can consider while buying polo shirts. Here are different types of polo shirts that you can buy from an apparel store:

  1. Short sleeve polo shirts
  2. Lightweight polo shirts
  3. Pique polo shirts
  4. Long sleeve polo shirts
  5. Wool polo shirts
  6. Golf polo shirts
  7. Rugby polo shirts
  8. Performance polo shirts
  9. Organic polo shirts
  10. Silk polo shirts

Lastly, you should buy wholesale polo-shirts of reputable brands online, such as Sport Tek, Port Authority, Jerzees, Gildan, and more.