The Ultimate T-shirt Guide: Styling Options

We all want to upgrade our casual style. T-shirts are the major part and closet staple especially when we are talking about casual wear. The ease, comfort, and relaxation that this apparel has got makes it our all-time favorite. We have seen people styling with those understated t-shirts in a way that made them look fresh and fashionable. However, if you don’t want to go wrong in it you should first get the basic idea about what can be mix and match to give a finished look.

Here we would be discussing some of the casual styling techniques for these t-shirts that have been trending in recent times.

White T-Shirt

Talking about closet staples? Then you can’t miss out on white t-shirts. White t-shirts would never go out of style and are the easiest to carry. White t-shirts give a humble and classy look that no other color can do. Pairing them with blue jeans, be it a ripped or faded jeans, all of it looks great with this t-shirt. Pairing white t-shirts with cargo pants can be a great idea too and would give a smooth and finished look. And if you want to go for a cool summer look, pairing them with colorful shorts can be great. And for girls, you can pair them with colorful skirts which looks amazing especially in summers. We have been seeing the all-white look trending recently that is pairing those white t-shirts with white pants or jeans. You will see graphic white t-shirts are trending as well. These white basic t-shirts always work and also look great with different kinds of upper be it a hoodie, jacket or even coats.

Polo T-Shirt

Polo shirts can be considered as an apparel with great options. A polo shirt can work for both formal and casual gatherings, the reason why this apparel stays trending. Polo shirts can go with both active and sporty look and for the laid back look as well. Wearing polo shirts with jeans can be one of the most common still popular styles. This look is not just classy but easy going as well. And if you want to go for a more casual and cool look for summers with polo shirts, you can wear them with shorts as they would also look good with chino shorts.

When it comes to the colors, you can alter your choice keeping in mind your preferences and the season. Like for summer it’s better to go for the lighter colors like white, green or even yellow would look good, and in winter go for the darker color range like black, navy blue or grey.

Solid or Plain T-Shirt

With all the attention and privilege that plain black and white t-shirts are getting, let’s not forget the rest of the colors that are just equally amazing and look great if worn right. Basics are not just easy to carry but they give a classy look. You must have had all the favorite colors in your closet already, and if not… then you should just get them without giving it a second thought.

Solid colors or plain t-shirts are also a part of never-fading fashion trend. You can go for either black or blue jeans or whatever suits the color of your blank and you will do great. It makes the wearer look classy and decent. And to top off your look, you can opt for wearing an upper with these blanks but be careful with the color combinations.

These are just some of the basic ideas for how to carry basics when it comes to casual wear, but this is not where the diversity of this apparel ends. You would also see models rocking the ramp with these t-shirts while coming up with unique ideas that make them look amazing.