T-Shirt Cutting Techniques (How To Cut A Shirt)

Want to wear trendy and stylish shirts? Do you have unused or old T-shirts in the wardrobe? Make good use of your old T-shirts by projecting new ideas on them. If you have do-it-yourself skills and a hint of creativity, these T-shirt cutting techniques will be a piece of cake!

This post guides you on how to cut and tie a t-shirt. But first, purchase the best quality T-shirt that is easy to cut. Look your best with these stylish designs and have the spotlight! Here are some ways to cut a shirt:

What you will need:

For these designs to work out, you need the following items:

  • A pair of scissors/rotary cutter/sharp blade
  • Chalk/Marker 
  • Measuring tape
  • Old T-shirts (baggy shirts are preferable in some cases)

1) Fringed cut shirt

This design is most popular among DIY artists. A simple and elegant design that will give your old T-shirt a flair. It will be best if you have a pair of scissors and chalk for marking. With quick thinking and creative imagination, achieve this design in a few minutes.

First, mark a line where the T-shirt will end. Leave 13 to 14 inches for the fringes. Next, chalk out straight lines that are ½ to 1 inch apart. Cut along these marked lines. 

You can give your cut fringes some frills by twisting each strand. Or you can tie up each strand together for a tie-up tee. Nothing can go wrong with this design. Therefore, it makes great casual wear due to its simplicity and uniqueness.

2) Muscle Tee Cut shirt

Muscle tee is another popular design that is preferable for your workout session. You can use oversized men’s T-shirts to achieve this look. A graphic tee will make your muscle tee look exceptional.

Start by marking the following places:

  • An inch away from the shoulder seam
  • An inch away from the collars seam
  • An inch below the armpit seam

Then cut from the armpit seam towards the shoulder seam. Afterwards, cut along the collar’s seam. And there you have it!

This muscle tee will look great with some jewelry. Also, you can wear a bralette with this tee for that workout and sporty look. Wear this tee as your basic wear or when you have a girl’s day out.

3) Simple neck cut shirt 

A simple design for an everyday funky look. You can work with different cut-out shapes depending on your preference. Simple neck-cut shirt designs are nicer for a chic and pleasant look. Achieve voguish looks with the following cut shirt designs:

Neckline cut

At the top of your T-shirt, mark lines with ½ or 1-inch gaps between them. Determine the length of the lines depending on how much skin you want to show. Lastly, cut along these lines with a sharp blade or scissors.

V-neck choker cut

First, mark at a high point below the collar on one end. Then mark the low point or where you want the V-neck to end. Next, fold your shirt alongside itself longways. Do not include the back of the T-shirt when folding! Lastly, cut along from the low point to the high end. Tug in the edges of the cut to finish the look.

4) Cowl neck cut shirt

This cut design is a nice look if you want to feel the ’80s vibe. A cowl neck T-shirt is the right option if you wish to attend a party or go out with friends. Moreover, with just simple steps, you can achieve this high-class look.

First, mark the place where you want the tee to end. This look involves cutting the hem of the tee. Next, cut along the mark with your sharp scissors. Fold to the back and stitch the edges. To make your tee look fancy, add buttons or a brooch along the joining line of the tee. Lastly, sew the cowl neck with the tee’s neck.

5) Cut and Tie the T-shirt design

Crop top ties are always trending in the fashion arena. This design makes perfect casual wear. In addition, you can cut the tee at the front or back or both depending on your preference. Here is a simple way you can achieve that look:

Front Tie

A front tie is perfect for achieving that cute crop-top look. First, mark at the sleeve seam and armpit seam. Then, cut out your T-shirt sleeves with a rotary cutter or scissors. Next, draw the hem of your tee in a V-shape. Also, cut along this V-line design in a straight line. Tie up the two strands together to finish the look.

Bow-back Tie

For this, you need to start at the back of your tee. Start by marking a straight horizontal line. Then, cut along this line with sharp scissors. Next, cut a V-shape neck at the back collar. Lastly, gather up the lower edge of the horizontal line and stitch it with the higher edge to have that bow look.

Side tie 

Firstly, cut out the sleeves, neckline, and hemline of your tee. Then, start marking horizontally towards the desired length before moving vertically at the tee’s base. Next, cut the triangular piece along the fold. Finish the look by tying up the two strands in a knot.

6) Off-shoulder cut shirt

Several off-shoulder looks will make you stand out. Revamp your wardrobe with this style using your creativity and imagination. Look stylish with these T-shirt cutting techniques using your artistry. Therefore, utilize your old T-shirt in these cut shirt designs:

One shoulder cut

This shoulder cut is one trendy design that will give life to your tee. Start by marking under the armpit seam and move along in a circular pattern to reach the other end of the collar. Then, using a rotary cutter or scissors, cut along the line. Finish the look by stitching the edges of the pattern.

Cold shoulder cut

Start by choosing a side and mark from the center of the collar to the end of your sleeve. Then, draw lines on both sides of the shoulder seam. Cut along these lines, but do not cut the marked line below the shoulder seam. Finish the design by stitching the edges.

7) Tank top cut shirt 

There are several cool ways to cut shirts. Tank tops always complement one’s everyday look. Therefore, turn your old T-shirts into a tank top with these simple steps.

Start by cutting the sleeves. Mark at the shoulder seam and armpit seam and cut along those seams. Stitch the edges to achieve a softened look. Next, mark the hem of the tee. Measure how much length you want to discard. Lastly, cut along the marked line and stitch the edges for the tank top look.

8) Side Crochet cut shirt

An old T-shirt and some unused crocheted pieces of cloth will do for this design. Start by cutting the sleeves of the tee. Then, cut the side seams of the tee. Place your crochet piece on the right side of the seam. Lastly, stitch the crochet and sides of the tee together. Trim the crochet and shirt to finish the look.

9) Lace cut shirt

A great way to reuse your old items is through this design. Furthermore, If you have an unusable but trendy lace, then add this to your cut shirt design. Make your bland tees stand out with this simple design. Start by cutting out the hemline of your tee. Next, measure the width of the tee to use the lace accordingly. In the end, stitch the lace along the edge of your tee to finish the look. To make it stylish, add the lace to the sleeves of your tee.

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