Selecting Between Wholesale T-Shirts for Your Clothing Line

You may have made up your mind to start your own t-shirt clothing line. Additionally, starting it may seem time-consuming and boring at the same time considering the requirements. However, you can make your clothing line stand out if you invest in the right wholesale t-shirts. You have various options for blank t-shirts to choose t-shirts for your clothing line and eventually make a profit.

Important Aspects to Consider and Start a Clothing Line

You can print almost any design on blank t-shirts; however, you can’t ignore t-shirt fabrics and the fit. You will also want t-shirt users to have your t-shirts in their closet and admire it whenever they open it. Thus, you will need to consider certain aspects to invest in wholesale tees and start your own clothing line. Here are the questions you must answer beforehand to identify the right t-shirts for your clothing line:

  • Which t-shirt is your favorite?
  • Why is a particular t-shirt your beloved tee?
  • How do you feel wearing your favorite tee?
  • Does your beloved tee fit perfectly?
  • How did you screen print your favorite t-shirt?

These are the aspects you need to consider to select the right t-shirts for your clothing line. Customers will also appreciate your effort if they find that desirable fit and feel out of your t-shirts. We shall also help you identify the right tees between wholesale tees for your clothing line.  In addition, we shall discuss standard heavyweight, middleweight, and lightweight wholesale tees with you for this purpose.   

Identifying the Right T-shirts for a Clothing Line

Let’s consider t-shirts by weight one by one to help you identify the appropriate t-shirts for your brand:

Standard Heavyweight T-Shirts: Gildan and Comfort Colors are brands when it comes to heavyweight t-shirts for a clothing line. If your target audience is college students, you may invest in Comfort Color tees. Comfort Color tees come in a wide range of colors, and college campuses across the U.S. use these t-shirts. Besides, Comfort Colors is a renowned brand for preppy style t-shirts.

Gildan is a reputable blank apparel clothing manufacturer that produces 100% ultra-cotton t-shirts. You can’t go wrong with its classic t-shirts that are ideal for everyday activities. Moreover, purchasing Gildan wholesale tees doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Gildan tees are good for screen printing, too. You should opt for Gildan ultra cotton t-shirts if you are targeting families, in particular. Moreover, you can choose Hammer tees of the same brand if you are targeting customers who adore winter-friendly t-shirts.

Wholesale T-Shirts

Middleweight T-Shirts: You may purchase middleweight t-shirts made of rings-pun cotton if your target audience prefer wearing middleweight yet comfy tees. Middleweight t-shirts are neither too light nor too heavy; hence, t-shirts users usually feel comfortable wearing them. We suggest you to invest in middleweight wholesale t-shirts from a reputable online apparel wholesaler. When you make bulk purchases from discount-friendly apparel wholesalers, you save a lot of money. Nevertheless, you must understand the needs of your target audience first to invest in perfect middleweight tees for your clothing line.

Lightweight T-Shirts: Brands you may consider for lightweight wholesale tees are District, Anvil, Next Level Apparel, and Bella Canvas. However, Next Level Apparel and Bella Canvas t-shirts will cost you more than District and Anvil tees. You may choose between District and Anvil t-shirts if you’re looking for economical tees. If your target audience is fashion enthusiasts, District tees won’t lead you to break the bank. Anvil is another lightweight t-shirt brand besides Next Level Apparel and Bella Canvas but offers a few options for colors.

The best lightweight t-shirts for a clothing line are Next Level Apparel and Bella Canvas tees. You can expect consistent quality out of Next Level t-shirts if you’re starting a fashion-forward clothing line. Bella Canvas also offers many color choices for t-shirts identical to Next Level Apparel. However, Next Level Apparel has the edge over Bella Canvas when it comes to the best fit.

Hopefully, you can choose the right lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight t-shirts for your own clothing line.


Starting a clothing line may not seem easy to you considering the requirements. However, you can identify the right wholesale t-shirts for your clothing line if you realize the needs of your target audience. Gildan and Comfort Colors are good brands to consider for heavyweight wholesale tees. Plus, Next Level Apparel and Bella Canvas are ideal brands to invest in lightweight and fashion-forward t-shirts. Lastly, you should purchase middleweight tees from a discount-friendly and reputable apparel store to exploit your investment.