Screen Printing Vs. Embroidery. What is The Right Choice?

Are you going for apparel customization?? Well you must have come across various methods and among them are screen printing, digital printing, embroidery etc.

Either you want to get your apparel customized for your business or company shirts with the logo or either they are for promotional purposes, customized apparels are really trending. It has become one of the most influential method for delivering your message.

Now if we talk about screen printing and embroidery, screen printing and embroidery are definitely two most preferred options even though both of them are quite different from each other. There are various factor based on which businesses either opt for embroidery or screen printing like the result, cost, durability etc. These factors does make it difficult to decide for the option that would be ideal.

Both techniques also have their limitations such as the type of material on which they can be used. Embroidery can only be used on fabric while screen printing can be used on other materials as well. Screen printing can go great with light weight fabrics better like the t-shirts rather than heavy and thick fabric like fleece. But when it comes to embroidery, there comes a problem with light weight fabric as the stitches can create a tension in the fabric and it might not give a fine look.

While on the other hand when it comes to durability, embroidery definitely has a better chance to last longer than screen printing. Even if you would use good quality fabric and colors for printing, you would still have to take a good care of it to make it last while embroidery holds on to the fabric better thus lasts longer.

Another deciding factor in embroidery and screen printing is their cost. There are various factors that alter the cost of each technique like in embroidery the number of stitches is used to define the cost as well as the size of your design. While on the other hand in screen printing the number of dyes or colors that are being used define its cost. There is an initial setup cost associated with each technique as well but overall embroidery is definitely more expensive than screen printing. Considering all these factors especially their prices, people usually opt for screen printing for large orders. Again it all comes down to your preference.