How to Style Jerzees 995M, a Cadet-Collar Sweatshirt

Quarter-zip sweatshirts or sweaters have remained the standard for professional situations in the past for a long time. Today, quarter-zip sweatshirts have gained popularity as casualwear clothing pieces. Besides, they’re becoming more prevalent in business casual settings these days. Quarter-zip sweatshirts, such as Jerzees 995M are comfortable, fashionable, and easy to style simultaneously. You can count on quarter-zip sweatshirts, such as the aforementioned cadet-collar sweatshirt as a go-to piece for style.

How to Style Jerzees Cadet Collar Sweatshirt

When it comes to quarter-zip style sweatshirts, you must first consider the fitting. The length of a quarter-zip sweatshirt should just fall past the waist. Besides, it should fit comfortably around the users’ hips without pulling. The sleeves of a quarter-zip sweatshirt should just end before the wrist without feeling tight on the hands. It will ensure the user to easily pull sleeves to the forearm without pulling. Now, you know about how quarter-zip sweatshirts, like Jerzees cadet collar, should fit. It’s time you know how to style this item.  

Ways You May Style Jerzees 995M

Here are ways you may style Jerzees 995M and stand out in style:

1.      Casual Style: It’s an impeccable layering item for throwing on over a tee and pairing with jeans. Moreover, wearing Jerzees cadet-collar sweatshirt in casual style will help you make a statement to others while running errands. It’s a perfect weight sweatshirt to pair with jeans and t-shirts in style to make a personality statement. Moreover, you may wear this attractive sweatshirt over a polo shirt to achieve a business casual look. You can still pair the item with jeans in order to maintain the casual look. Jerzees cadet-collar sweatshirt is truly versatile. 

2.      Professional Style: Quarter-zip sweatshirts have remained popular on college campuses because they are perfectly casual and stylishly professional. You may pull this sweatshirt over a button-down shirt as follows:

  • Collar coming up around the neck
  • Sleeves of the button-down showing around your wrist

Contingent on the professional or casual environment, you may even roll the combined sleeves up a bit. It will expose the part of your forearm and help you effortlessly appear professional. You may pair Jerzees 995M with chinos or khakis to enhance your professional look. You may wear it in contrasting colors, such as black or royal with light button-down shirts in the same color. Or, pair it with a solid button-down shirt. Doing experiments like these will help you add personalization to your professional look.

3.      Layer the Item: You can also layer this cadet-collar sweatshirt in various styles. You can utilize this item as the top or middle layer clothing piece with the right clothing pieces. For instance, you may wear it as a middle layer clothing piece with the parka or jacket over the top. Layering Jerzees cadet-collar sweatshirt in this way will make you stand out, especially in the winter. Moreover, you can wear quarter-zip sweatshirts in a variety of styles. You have many options for clothing pieces to utilize for layering with this sweatshirt, including tees, polo shirts, jackets, shirts, etc.

How to Buy Jerzees 995M to Wear It in Style 

You can wear Jerzees 995M in style as long as you purchase the item correctly. Firstly, you should realize the versatility of this clothing piece. It’s a 50-50 cotton-poly unisex sweatshirt; thus, it’s a clothing piece for both men and women. You can also count on this item for screen printing to successfully make a style statement to others. Moreover, the print on this sweatshirt will last for a long term due to its high-stitch density fabric. Jerzees 995M is a perfect balance between casual and formal wear. Plus, you should choose to buy it in the right colors for the purpose you may need to wear it.

You can buy this versatile clothing piece in sought-after colors, such as Black, Charcoal Grey, True Red, Maroon, Royal, White, Navy, and Forest Green, in addition to some other colors. It will help you successfully impact others in style. Make sure you choose to buy this item in the color that perfectly suits your gender to wear it in style. In addition to considering the colors, you can’t forget about the size, particularly if you buy this sweatshirt online.

You can purchase Jerzees cadet-collar sweatshirt in the following sizes: Small, Medium. Large, Extra Large, 2 Extra Large, and 3 Extra Large. Ensure you buy this item in the appropriate size to wear it in style casually, professionally, or layered. Buy more of Jerzees 995M to utilize the sweatshirt year-round for style. Furthermore, if you make a bulk purchase online, you save more on shipping and also avoid shipping costs. Hence, you may shop for this item in bulk online to make the most out of online shopping.

Moreover, you can screen print this cadet-collar sweatshirt that gives you an additional advantage. You may buy some of Jerzees cadet-collar sweatshirts for screen printing and some as plain. It will help you successfully portray your personality whether you wear it on the streets, at casual events, or on formal occasions. Please, don’t forget that it’s a versatile quarter-zip sweatshirt; thus, you should fully capitalize on it. Keep these things in your mind while you purchase this item to utilize and wear this sweatshirt for style.


Quarter-zip sweatshirts have remained the standard in professional situations for years. Moreover, you can count on these sweatshirts as casual wear clothing pieces. Jerzees 995M is one of the quarter-zip sweatshirts in the cadet-collar style that you can always count on for the VeeTrends. You can wear this item casually, professionally, and layered which makes it a versatile sweatshirt to make a personality statement. Pair this item with t-shirts and jeans to causally express your personality outdoors. Or, wear this item with a button-down shirt and chinos or khakis for formal occasions. You can also wear this sweatshirt as a layered clothing piece with appropriate clothing items year-round.

Make sure you choose to buy the item in the right colors and sizes for screen printing and style. It will ensure you successfully make a personality statement to others in style.