Great Tips to Buy Hoodies for Customization and Sport Tek F244

Hooded sweatshirts are popular clothing articles due to their versatility. Nonetheless, hoodies are typically the choice of men and women in the winter. You can purchase hoodies of various materials with diverse characteristics. One of the things that people love about plain hoodies is that they can customize them for branding and style. Sport Tek F244 is an ideal moisture-wicking hooded sweatshirt and good for customization, as well. Nonetheless, you can buy hoodies of various brands for customization no matter you customize them for style or branding. So: How should you choose a hoodie for customization?

How to Select Hooded Sweatshirts for Customization

You can select the right hooded sweatshirts for customization while keeping the following things in mind:

Choosing between Pull-Over vs. Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirts: Two of the main style for hoodies are pullover and zip-up. Zip-up hooded sweatshirts have a zip, whereas pullover hoodies don’t have a zip. However, you can find a pocket on both of the aforementioned hoodie styles. You can find more styles for hoodies if you browse through the web, but they aren’t very popular. Pullover hoodies are easy to print on the chest area, unlike zip-up hoodies. Nevertheless, zip-up hoodies are more versatile and fashion-forward. Both pullover and zip hoodies have pros and cons, yet pullover hoodies are ideal for print. Besides, you may consider investing in Gildan, Hanes, and Bella Canvas hoodies for customization.   

Hoodie Fabrics: Hoodies are made of different fabrics identical to t-shirts. You can purchase soft, moisture-wicking, and tri-blend hoodies from apparel stores for the same reason. So, which hoodie fabric should you choose? You should go with 100% polyester hoodies, such as Sport Tek F244 for branding if you represent a sports team. Besides, you can count on polyester hoodies in the gym and also customize them to make a personality statement.

Hoodie Brands: Many apparel brands produce hooded sweatshirts. You can purchase affordable to big-ticket hoodies contingent on brand reputation from apparel stores. However, customizing hoodies cost money, and buying expensive brand hoodies will cost you even more. Plus, it doesn’t make sense for a business to buy expensive brand hoodies in bulk and utilize them for branding. Hence, you should choose to buy affordable yet reputable brand hooded sweatshirts for customization. Bella Canvas, Next Level, Champion, and District are some brands you can count on for hoodies and high-quality prints. If you can’t afford to buy hoodies of these brands, you may choose Hanes or Gildan hoodies for branding.

Positions: Hoodies are versatile garments with different print locations, such as their front pocket, back, chest, etc. Additionally, ideal locations to print a hoodie are the front pocket, upper chest, lower back, and sleeves. You should know how you want to impact others to choose the best hoodie position for the print. You can also get the idea of the right location while reading the product information online or using the available free tools on the seller’s website. 

Sizes: Generally, 100% cotton hoodies are vulnerable to shrinkage, unlike 100% polyester hoodies, like Sport Tek F244. However, you will need to give special importance to the size while choosing a hoodie for customization. Always check product specifications and compare measurements to ensure you buy hoodies in the right size for customization. Know whether you need a standard-sized or preferred-sized hoodie to eventually choose the appropriate hoodie for customization.

Fit and Cut: You can find hoodies in a variety of fits, embracing fashion-fit/retail fit, slim fit, and more. However, hoodies in the fashion-fit with side seams are flattering and excellent to customize. So, read product descriptions carefully to know the fit and choose the right hoodies for customization.   

Know If You Need Men’s, or Women’s, or Unisex Hoodies: You must know your priorities for branding while selecting hoodies to customize the items with your brand identity. Knowing who’s going to wear your hoodies will help you choose the right stuff for brand promotion. You will need to invest in women’s hoodies if you want to promote a feminine product, and vice versa. Moreover, you may need to purchase unisex hoodies if you need both men and women to wear hoodies for brand promotion.

You can select the best hoodies for customization while keeping all of the above things in mind.

Why Sport Tek F242?   

One of the excellent options you have for hoodies for customization is Sport Tek F244. Firstly, it won’t make you feel heavy while you wear it because of its 100% polyester fabric. Plus, it’s an ideal hoodie for sports in pullover style that’s a popular style for hoodies. You can easily print a logo on the ideal positions, such as front pouch pocket, upper chest area, etc. if you choose this item for logo branding.

You can purchase Sport Tek sport-wick fleece hoodie in all possible sizes, including XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. Moreover, you can get your hands on this item in attractive colors, including Black, Coyote Brown, Dark Smoke Grey, Deep Orange, Deep Red, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Maroon, Navy, Olive Drab Green, True Royal, White, Woodland Brown. Hence, you have many reasons to buy this item for customization.


Hooded sweatshirts are versatile and well-admired for the same reason. Hoodies have many uses; thus, you can also deploy famous garments for logo branding and style. You must keep the following things in your mind while selecting hoodies for customization.

  • Advantages of pullover and zip-up hoodies for the print
  • Hoodie fabrics and the purpose for customizing the items
  • Hoodie brands to determine the quality of the items for customization
  • Ideal positions for the print
  • Hoodie sizes to ensure they comfortably fit on the users
  • The desirable fit to make a flattering impact on others while people wear your logo branded hoodies
  • Knowing who will wear your hoodies for branding, men, women, or both.

You can choose the right hoodies for customization while keeping the above points in your mind. Lastly, Sport Tek F244 is an excellent sports hoodie that you may customize to promote your brand.